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Brief Encounters between Fictional Universes: John McGahern and Ernest Hemingway

prusse michael

Dernière modification: 2007-07-02


John McGahern is often perceived as an original creator of a microcosmic Irish universe that revolves around a limited number of recurrent themes. This fictional world with its intense focus on the Irish locale nevertheless succeeds in transmitting universal experiences. A lot of research, in particular since the publication of his Memoir in 2005, is directed towards tracing the sources of these topics in the author's biography. However, as Stanley van der Ziel has pointed out, for McGahern's fiction literary and textual influences are of at least equal significance. This paper intends to describe one particular textual influence by singling out two specific hypotexts by Ernest Hemingway and relating them to the hypertext generated by McGahern. After establishing the intricate textual links between the two fictional universes the question will be raised as to whether homage, appropriation, or pillage are the underlying motives.

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