Colloques & Conferences de l'Universite Lyon 2, "Rewriting / Reprising" - La reprise en litterature

Angela Carter's Adventures in the Wonderland of Nonsense

karima thomas

Dernière modification: 2007-06-27


It is now well-established that Angela Carter's major works are either re-writings of famous narratives, quotations stitched together from previous textual fabrics, or textual threads delicately pulled from a wide range of hypotexts. In "Alice in Prague or the Curious Room"[1], Carter draws her inspiration from the imaginative feast that is Lewis Carroll's Alice cycle. Like Carroll's Alice, Carter's heroine draws a door on the mirror, pulls it and lands in a curious room. However, the Carterian wonderland oscillates between the historical Rudolph II's palace and the surrealist settings of moviemaker Jan Svankmayer[2]. Thus, animate creatures come along with historical figures such as Dr Dee, a famous alchemist and eminent figure of esoteric wisdom, who attended the court of Elizabeth I and was later exiled into the court of The Archduke Rudolph II.

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