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Prospero's Books by Peter Greenaway (1991): reflections of / on Shakespeare's The Tempest

besson florence

Dernière modification: 2007-06-26


In its subtitle, Prospero's Books (1991) is presented as an adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest by British film-maker Peter Greenaway: faithful to the text, it masquerades as a homage to the bard. Yet the play can be considered as a "pre-text" to an idiosyncratic project, whose structural originality seems to focus the spectator's attention on enunciation rather than narration: my hypothesis is that narration is undermined and artistic authority is questioned by the use of "visual quotation marks" and multiple layers of references. The film thus self-consciously tends to blur the limit between art and criticism, as if "in-fringing" upon the very notion of art.

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