Colloques & Conferences de l'Universite Lyon 2, "Rewriting / Reprising" - La reprise en litterature

Mrs Dalloway: Genesis and Palimpsests

monica girard

Dernière modification: 2007-06-26


When considering reprising Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway, two phenomena immediately spring to mind. I will begin by examining genetic considerations: the process of creation of the novel, from its origins - the short stories ?Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street? and ?The Prime Minister? - to the published version of Mrs Dalloway. This genetic approach examines the repetition of the creative act and the adaptation of elements taken from the short fiction to the novel genre. The author takes the ?seeds? imagined in her shorter fiction, re-plants them in new contexts and grows them differently. The novel proves to be a more fertile space as it is more expansive: the author is thus able to explore characters - giving them more depth or wholeness -, thematic and structural patterns as well as stylistic devices imagined in the short stories. The short stories are therefore a breeding ground for her ideas, a sort of greenhouse in which seeds germinate before being able to grow and develop in a more open and extended environme

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