Colloques & Conferences de l'Universite Lyon 2, Malcolm Lowry dans la modernite

"Es inevitabile la muerte del papa" : souverainete et abjection dans under the volcano

Mathieu Duplay

Temps: 2008-05-29  02:55  – 02:55
Dernière modification: 2008-06-12


In the plaza the tumult was terrific. Once again they could scarcely hear one another speak. A boy dashed up to them selling papers. Sangriento Combate en Mora de Ebro. Los Aviones de los Rebeldes Bombardean Barcelona. Es inevitable la muerte del papa. The Consul started; this time, an instant, he had though the headlines referred to himself. But of course it was only the poor Pope whose death was inevitable. As if everyone else's death were not inevitable too! (213)

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